Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

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"Red, White & Blue"  ~ July 4, 2008
A Star Spangled Spectacular
Chuck Thorpe & Ron Knapp - warm-up entertainmentMercer High School Band Boosters - Ice Cream SocialThe National Anthem - sung by MCB member, Jessica TaylorThe concert began with "Battle Hymn of the Republic"The tuba section.Dr. Hendley D. Hoge, Director at workJim Flowers, saxophone soloistMr. Flowers began with "Estilian Caprice"."As Time Goes By" was also offered by Mr. Flowers.Mr. David Portman, Master of CeremoniesA salute to members of the audience who served in the various branches of the armed services.Great weather, a great audience and great music.  An unbeatable combination for the 4th of July!Nora Drake, soprano soloist.Ms. Drake entertained with "El Capitan Spectacular".The "God Bless America" sing-a-long was led by Ms. Drake.The crowd was on its feet for the final selection - "Stars and Stripes Forever".
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Musical Selection - Stars and Stripes Forever - performed by the Mercer Community Band