A Summer Concert by
The Medina Community Band
Celebrating 150 Years (1859-2009)
Marcus Neiman, Director
August 7, 2009

Medina Community Band
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Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

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Tom Batiuk, 2009
Wasson Band Organ - opening entertainmentInside works of the Band Organ150th anniversary illustration by Tom Batiuk (Funky Winkerbean artist) who is a Medina resident.Dr. Hoge welcomed The Medina Community Band and its director, Marcus NeimanNarrator, Jan SnyderJan Snyder led the audience in the singing of The National AnthemThe band opened the concert with "Hometown Fanfare"A large crowd was on hand for this special concertIt was a great evening for musicSousa's "Sound Off" march was a favoriteMarcus Neiman, in this 37th year as conductor of the Medina Community BandPaul Rocco, flugel horn soloMr. Rocco performed "Concerto de Aranjuez: Adagio"Soloists: Amy Thach McArtor, flute & Mary Ann Grof-Neiman, clarinetThe soloists presented "Lakme: Flower Song-Sous la dome epais"Guest conductor, Dr. Hendley D. HogeDr. Hoge led the band for Sousa's "Semper Fidelis" marchSteve VanWoert, Mercer Mayor, read a proclamation in honor of the Medina Community BandA plaque, with the proclamation on it, was presented to Director NeimanDr. Hoge made Mr. Neiman an honoray Mercer Community Band member by presenting him with an official band shirtMr. Neiman thanked Dr. Hoge, Mayor VanWoert and the town of Mercer for hosting the band for this concert.Vocal soloist, Miki SaitoMs. Saito offered "O mio babbino caro" and "I  Could Have Danced All Night"Two anniversary cakes were prepared for the after-concert receptionThe cake was enjoyed by all after the concert.
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