Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

1953 MG TD - Owner:  Cecelia Godfrey
1969 Oldsmobile 442 - Owner:  Phil Wanchick
Featured at the August 7, 2009 Concert
Concerts & Cars 2009  ~  Featured Vehicles for August 7, 2009
“A Summer Concert by the Medina Community Band”

Vehicle 1: 1953 MG TD
Engine:     Four cylinder with 4-speed manual transmission
Owner:     Cecelia Godfrey, Mercer, PA

About five years ago, Gary Godfrey purchased this 1953 MG TD for his wife Cecelia.  At the time he bought it, the color was white, but the original color was red.  In 2006, the MG underwent a restoration (not off the frame) at the family business, Godfrey Auto Body.  At that time, the current paint color (sexy red) was applied and a new dash board was installed.  An interesting fact about this MG is that it is actually a 1952 model, but it was not titled in the U. S. until 1953, so, for the record, it is a 1953.             
Nearly 30,000 TDs had been produced, including about 1700 Mk II models,  when the series ended in 1953 with all but 1656 exported.  Officially, 23,488 were exported to the United States.  
The TD has secured a place in automotive history because it, more than any other vehicle, laid the foundation for the sports car movement in North America. Few marques have a more enthusiastic following than those who love, preserve and enjoy driving their T-Series MGs.

Vehicle2: 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Holiday Coupe
Engine:    455 cubic inch with  4-speed manual
Owner:     Phil Wanchick, Mercer, PA

Phil has owned this 442 for four years.  He did not do the original restoration, but has added some upgrades (mirrors, headrests, visors, tires, etc.).              
This was originally a 400 G-Code V8 car.  At the time of rebuild, the block was changed to an F-Code 455 cubic inch block with a 1969 date code.  The block utilizes the correct 400 heads, intake and carburetor, and still has the original M-21 transmission with the Hurst 442 shifter.  The correct 442 dual exhaust is also on the car.                   This is a complete restoration from bottom to top, inside and out.  Although this is not a matching numbers car, it is a true 442.  The body has all original panels.  The body was completely stripped and left with no remnants of the original paint.  The Olds rally wheels are also refinished. The interior was also upgraded, including door panels, headliner, seat covers, carpets, and dash.   The original radio has been replaced with a Kenwood system with CD.  Also, the trunk has been refinished and includes the mat, spare tire and jack.              
Oldsmobile built 19,587 442 Holiday Coupes in 1969.  The base price for the 442 was $3,395.00.  The car was built in Canada at Oshawa, Ontario.

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1953 MG TD1969 Oldsmobile 442 Holiday Coupe
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