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Mercer, Pennsylvania

1921 Ford Model T  Run-About
Owner:  Don Shankel
Was to be featured at the July 17, 2009 Concert
NOTE:  Due to the weather, Don could not bring his car.  You will be able to see this car at the MCB Car Cruise on August 8, 2009. See information and photo below.
Concerts & Cars 2009  ~  Featured Vehicle for
July 17, 2009   ~ “A Victorian Concert"

Vehicle:  1921 Model T Ford Run-About
Engine:   4 cylinder with planetary gear transmission
Owner:    Don Shankel, Mercer, PA

Don has owned this car for three years.  It has been restored, but Don did not do the work.  

The Model T chugged into history Oct. 1, 1908. Henry Ford called it the “universal car.” It became the symbol of low-cost, reliable transportation that could get through when other vehicles and horse-drawn wagons were stuck in muddy roads. The Model T won the approval of millions of  Americans, who affectionately dubbed it “Tin Lizzie.”                                                      
The first Model Ts sold for $825 (for a two-door roadster) – an unexpected bargain compared to other cars. But even more remarkable is that during its 19 years of production, Ford continued to steadily lower its price, thanks to manufacturing efficiencies including the moving assembly line introduced in 1913.                                                                                  

In addition to its affordability, Model T stands out as the industry’s truly first global car. By 1921, it accounted for almost 57 percent of the world’s automobile production. Before the end of the 1920’s, more than one half of all the cars in the entire world were Model T Fords. At no other point in history has a single car company (let alone a single model!) held so much market share.