Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

"Best of the Big Bands"
July 24, 2009
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This concert was recorded by Armstrong Cable for future showings on Channel 19
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Steve & Diana, warm-up entertainmentThe band opened with "Jumpin' at the Woodside"Saxophone solo by Bill MenkThe trombones and trumpetsSolo by Doug Butchy, also saxophoneSaxophone section featureVocal soloist, Janice Zurasky HannaMs. Hanna performed "Blue Skies"Flugelhorn solo by Any ErbA large crowd enjoyed the great music and dry weatherGuest conductor, Any ErbTenor saxophone solo by Nicolas YohoAlto saxophone solo by Doug ButchyMs. Hanna returned for "Stuff Like That There"Ms. Hanna also presented "Over the Rainbow"
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