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Mercer, Pennsylvania

1936 Packard 120 Convertible
Owner:  Kevin Kirk
Featured at the July 31, 2009 Concert
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Concerts & Cars 2009  ~  Featured Vehicle for July 31, 2009
“Best of Hollywood"

Vehicle:  1936 Packard 120 Convertible
Engine:   Straight 8 with manual transmission
Owner:    Kevin Kirk,  Pulaski, PA

Kevin has owned this car for ten years.  He acquired it from legendary NFL coach, Bill Parcells in Florida.  The Packard has been restored by Kevin.   
The history of the Packard marque dates back to 1903, when is was founded in Warren, Ohio by James Ward Packard.  It soon became one of America’s premier luxury cars, and remained so for decades.  Their cars were constructed from the best materials by skilled workmen.  Packards were very popular among Hollywood stars of the time.                     

During the Great Depression, Packard introduced the 120 model that was half as expensive as the 900 series.  The name “120” came from its 120 inche wheelbase. Under the hood was a 282 cubic inch eight cylinder engine, with a three speed manual transmission.  In 1936, the 120 was chosen as the official pace car of the Indianapolis 500.   
The price range was from the mid $900’s to the low $1,000’s.  In its first year, nearly 25,000 of the model 120 were built, although not all were convertibles.

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