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1969 Plymouth Barracuda ("Cuda")
Owners:  Frank & Karen Draskovic
Featured at the June 26, 2009 Concert
Concerts & Cars 2009
Featured Vehicle for June 26, 2009
“Echoes of the Past” Concert

Vehicle: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda (“Cuda”) Fastback
Engine:  340 cubic inch V-8 with a 3.91 Differential and Four Speed Transmission
Owners:  Frank and Karen Draskovic of West Middlesex, PA

Although Frank and Karen are not the original owners of the Cuda, they have had it for 35 years and it has never been restored. It was repainted once, in 1974.  The car was originally purchased at Sharon Chrysler-Plymouth by one of Frank’s employees.  Frank bought it from him in 1975, paying him $100.00 more than his best offer. The car was being sold because the original owner got married and could not afford to keep it.  He wanted Frank to have it since he knew he would take good care of it.  The car had 37,000 miles on it at the time.        

This Cuda is one of 402 of this configuration made in 1969, making it a rare find.  Originally, Chrysler Division called it a “Mopar 340”.  Motor Trend magazine did a test and story on this model and suggested that it be called the “Cuda 340”, and the name has stuck.  

Frank and Karen also own a 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury and a  1951 Ford.  The Plymouth was this year’s featured car at the annual Father’s Day Car Show in Hermitage.    

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