Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

"A Victorian Concert"
July 16, 2010
James & Sylvia Kalal, classical guitars - Opening entertainmentFlag raising by The Mount Calvary Commandry #67.Singing of the National Anthem led by baritone, John Stumpff.The Mercer Community Band opened the concert with "Crown Imperial".Andrew Barnes, euphonium soloistMr. Barnes entertained with the very difficult piece, "Beautiful Colorado".Mr. Barnes also presented "Csardas".Assistant (Student) Director, Joel Gould, led the band for "Horse and Buggy".Dr. Hoge took the band through an inspirational rendition of "Little Rhapsody in Blue".Vocal Soloist, Daniel Doty, tenorMr. Doty opened with "Roses of Picardy".Mr. Doty continued with "La Donna E Mobile".A large "Victorian Weekend" crowd enjoyed the evening's performances.
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