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1957 Cadillac & 1950 Cadillac
Owners:  Harry Palmer & Kevin Kirk
Featured at the July 16, 2010 Concert
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July 16, 2010

Vehicle1:  1957 Cadillac 62 Series 2-Door Hardtop
Engine:     365 cubic inch V-8 - 300 horse power
Owner:      Harry Palmer, Mercer, PA

Harry has owned this Cadillac for ten years.  It has been re-painted and the uppolstery has been refinished to original standards.  Otherwise, the car is exactly as it was built in 1957, including the engine and transmission.

For 1957, Cadillac adopted a tubular X-frame, without side rails, on all models. This resulted in greater structural rigidity and provided for lower body lines without loss of useable space. New front end styling was marked by rubber bumper guard tips and dual, circular parking lamps set into the lower bumper section. Side trim was revised and a dual taillight theme was used throughout the line. By utilizing different center frame sections the wheelbases and overall lengths of specific body styles was altered. In the 62 lineup, including the Eldorado sub-series, three different overall measurements appeared on cars with matching wheelbases. The Sedan DeVille was bigger than “standard” models and the Eldorado Coupe Seville and Biarritz convertible were larger still. Identifying the “standard” 62 models were
·vertical bright metal moldings, just forward of the rear wheel openings, highlighted by seven horizontal windsplits.
·At the upper end this fenderbreak trim joined a horizontal molding that ran along a conical flare extending forward from the taillamps.
·A crest medallion was seen on the forward angled rear fins.
·Coupe DeVilles and Sedan DeVilles had special nameplates on the front fenders.
·Eldorados were further distinguished by the model name above a V-shaped rear deck ornament and on the front fenders.
·The rear fender and deck contour was sleekly rounded and the wheel housing was trimmed with broad, sculptured stainless steel beauty panels.
·Also seen were pointed, “shark” style fins pointing towards the back of the cars.
·A three-section built-in front bumper was another exclusive trait of the two luxury cars, which came with a long list of standard accessories.

On Sunday, July 11th, Harry’s Cadillac won the “Peoples Choice” trophy at the Avalon Springs (formerly Woodland Place) Car Cruise. 


Vehicle:  1950 Cadillac Coupe
Owner:  Kevin Kirk, Pulaski, PA

Cadillacs had extensive styling changes this year. They looked generally heavier and had low, sleek contours with longer rear decks, more sweeping front fenders and a broken rear fender line. The hood protruded further out at the front and was underlined by an even more massive egg crate grille. One-piece windshields were introduced and the leading edge of the rear fenders, which had a broken-off look, was highlighted by chrome imitation air slots. The rear fenders were longer and ended in a swooping tailfin design.

Prices for the 1950 line started at $2761 for the Series 61 coupe (although few models went for under $3000) and reached up to about $5000 for a 75 sedan or limo. The 61s cost about $575 less than comparable 62s. Division sales topped 100,000 for 1950

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