Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

"Red, White and Blue"
July 6, 2012
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Openinig entertainment - Makin' ChangesThis is the fifth year the group has performed before MCB concerts.Makin' Changes is always an audience favorite.Ice Cream Social by Mercer Rotary Club.The National Anthem and flag raisiing.The band opened the patriotic concert with "Battle Hymn of the Republic".In spite of the very hot weather, a large crowd was on hand for the concert.Instrumental soloist, Andrew Gary on marimba.Mr. Garay presented "Fandango".Mr. Garay also entertained with "Running on Wood".Before performing, Mr. George Miklas, harmonica, gave a brief history of the harmonica in American music history.Mr. Miklas played "Harmonica King", to the delight of the audience.Mr. Miklas showed the range of music available with the harmonica.The audience gained a new appreciation for the harmonica.Summer in the city - with a band concert!Uncle Sam led the band for the "March of the Armed Forces".Members of each branch of the armed services were recognized during the playing of the march.Uncle Sam took time to greet audience members after finishing his directing duties.  Cedric Butchy, guest M. C., is seen in the background.Uncle Sam has become a fixture at MCB concerts and at the Memorial Day Parade each year.Thanks, Uncle Sam, for your service to the Mercer area.Doug Butchy, Assistant Director, at the podium for "Variations on Yankee Doodle".Mr. Butchy also conducted "American Folk Rhapsody #2".John Stumpff, Student Assistant Director, led the band through "This is My Country".Guest vocal soloist, Samantha Mastrian Leali.Regular MCB followers may have remembered Ms. Leali from the 2011 MCB Holiday Concert, where she was the featured soloist.Ms. Leali entertained with Irving Berlin's "America", which included "God Bless America"."The Water is Wide" was also performed.Ms. Leali concluded here selections, with an outstanding performance of "America the Beautiful".At the end of her performance, Ms. Leali received a standing ovation from the audience.Dr. Hoge took the band members through their paces on "E Pluribus Unum".The band gave an outstanding performance on a very hot night.Dr. Hoge is in his 35th year as conductor of the Mercer Community Band.The band's final selection was the "Liberty Bell March".