Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

Best of the Big Bands
June 24, 2005
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2005 Mercer Community Jazz Band Personnel

Alto Saxophone I
Doug Butchy, music educator; Sharon
Alto Saxophone II
Jim Flowers, music educator, Hermitage
Tenor Saxophone I
Fred Boles, music educator, Sharpsville
Tenor Saxophone II
Joanna Wanchick Julock, educator, Mercer
Baritone Saxophone
Ken Jewell, music educator, Mercer

Brian Dick, psychotherapist Hadley
Andy Erb, music educator, West Middlesex
Rita Ferrere, music educator, Forestville
Todd Obidowski, music educator, Butler
Phil Runninger, engineer, Norton, OH
Mike Testa, college computer technician, Granville, OH

Trombone I
R.Tad Greig, college music professor, Mercer
Trombone II
Ted Mahon, music educator, Akron, OH
Trombone III
Doug May, music educator, Clintonville
Trombone IV
Kevin Rorabaugh, educator, Farrell

Tina Greig, guidance counselor, Mercer

D. Lee Caldwell, Jr., music educator, Ellwood City

Stephen Marks, freelance musician, student -YSU, Hermitage

Kevin Rush, music educator, Rimersburg

Barbara Knight, West Middlesex

Always on duty - Gail Habbyshaw sells
raffle tickets to support the band
Master of Ceremonies, Dave Portman reads
the winning numbers at every concert
A large audience enjoyed the great
weather and outstanding music
Band member, Andy Erb, let the band for Bradley's Time
Dr. Hoge took time out to introduce the band members
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Another exceptional performance by the dedicated member of the Mercer Community Jazz Band
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