Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

Audience Comments . . .
"I moved away four years ago in August and I sure do miss those wonderful concerts. I just want to commend you again for the wonderful job you have done over the years. You have brought much enjoyment to many people. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful gift you are giving to others through your fine talents. God bless you in a special way"   Eleanor Weber, Omaha, Nebraska.

"Community bands are a part of our nation's musical heritage. By playing in this group, you make your own contribution to American music and act as a cultural anchor for your community. I commend each one of you for volunteering your time for such an enjoyable and entertaining pastime. It gives me great pleasure to join your director Dr. Hendley Hoge, in saluting you for your commitment to music 
Bill Clinton, President of the United States

"Thank you for giving us an "All-American fourth of July with all the trimmings. It was like a Norman Rockwell painting!"   Lewis and Betty Habegger, South Bend, Indiana.

"What a beautiful way to give one's time and talent in community service. I am sure everyone who attends hope you is an entrenched Mercerite for life! As I was listening and enjoying the music last evening, the thought came to me how blessed we are to live in America and have the freedom to enjoy these things. The people who are being traumatized in places like Somalia and Yugoslavia could not even to begin to imagine scenes such as Mercer. Please say thank you to every band member for a summer of enjoyment"   Elizabeth Hoffman, Grove City, PA

"What a spectacular evening: A crowd of thousands, wonderful bands, and such a great outdoor setting. And to be sure, you are to be congratulated on the job that you have done in developing all of this -- may God bestow his most bountiful blessings as you rise to even greater heights"   Dr. Jack S. Hall, Associate Professor of Music, Clarion State University

"Hebron Lodge #575 thanks you for the special consideration and congratulates all who have contributed to the twenty successful years of Community Band concerts. You, personally, deserve our thanks and that of the entire community for the inspiration, promotion, dedication, skill and success of this outstanding gift of pleasure and cultural development in Mercer County."
L. Wayne Miller, Senior Warden, Hebron Lodge, Mercer, PA

"Throughout the concert season, I have received numerous compliments from local folks in the county and also visitors who attended them. "Thank you and your staff for orchestrating each marvelous performance - take a bow!"
    Gene Brenneman, Mercer County Commissioners

"We're looking forward to returning to Mercer. It's always been one of the best audiences we get to play for. An appreciative crowd makes what we do all the more rewarding"  Alan Stiver, General Manager, Youngstown Community Band.

"I want to thank you for all of the effort that you have put into making the Mercer Community Band the fine institution that it is today. It would be impossible to measure the amount of pleasure that you have provided for both the audiences and musicians by your sacrifices. I also want to thank you for giving the young musicians an opportunity to participate in the band, Our country needs more of this type of activity to encourage the next generation in positive projects. Believe me, our efforts are truly appreciated by many people. It has been an honor for me to get to know you and perform with you.
William Heater, Delaware, Ohio

"The concerts are one of the best things that have happened in Mercer County for a long time   probably since the construction of the courthouse. Speaking as a regular attendant at the concerts, I have witnessed the growth in attendance over the years. At several of the performances, I spoke to guests who were staying at nearby hotels and motels and their comments about the concerts were extremely positive. Concerning the merchants, I am sure all will state that the concerts are responsible for bringing shoppers into the community who would not otherwise venture into a town the size of Mercer to purchase a variety of items    Junior Bissett,  President - Mercer Area Chamber of Commerce

"We appreciate what a continuing cultural and entertainment enrichment the Mercer Community Band offers to Mercer and to our many out of town visitors. We all enjoy the Mercer Community Band concerts and as a club are pleased to offer it our support"  
Janice Platt, President, Mercer Business and Professional Women's Club

"It was evident from the large crowd that your hard work has made the Mercer Summer Concert series a big success. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it this year"   The Gospel Harmonaires, Ellwood City, PA

"The concerts are true Americana in our minds and, I believe, many others who were there would agree. Obviously, you deserve the credit for these events"
Dr. Donald Birdsell, Professor of Education, University of Akron.

"It is obvious that you are the catalyst behind the success of your organization because of your energetic desire to do whatever is needed. The response you receive from your band members and concert-goers is testimony of the love and enthusiasm you have instilled through your marvelous community band. The results are truly inspiring."    Larry McGiboney, Johnstown, PA

"I can't say enough about the community spirit of Mercer and surrounding towns. Getting to hear the band was a special treat which we will be talking about for a long time. You should have seen the pride in my dad's eyes when you played "Anchors Aweigh" for the Navy people. Wow!"          Dan Hulse, Altoona, PA

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to play as a guest soloist with the Mercer Community Band. You have a great band and I am honored and lucky to be able to play with them. You have done a tremendous job in Mercer and I hope that I can come back and play with the band again in the future"    Marc Pupino, Rochester, NY

"Almost at the end of the season and we haven't sent a note thanking you for the wonderful concerts. Each one has its own appeal and it appears whether 10 or 80 musicians are involved you can do wonders. We do so appreciate your leadership and dedication"     Dr. and Mrs. William Miller, Mercer, PA

"I have always been involved with community music making and the majority of my musical training was not acquired in school, but by playing with community bands and orchestras; groups that perform only for the sheer joy of playing good music with friends. I have performed solos with about a dozen community groups and playing with Mercer County's finest musicians was definitely a pleasure."  Mel Csicsila, Hinckley, Ohio

"I want to thank you for another enjoyable summer with the Mercer Community Band. I never thought I would have a chance to play with musicians that good. Every summer, I enjoy this more. Because of your musicianship, your energy, and your strong commitment to the people in the band, the Mercer Community Band has developed into a band that is highly respected and very popular"   Jim Amon, Stoneboro, PA

"It's great to see someone as dedicated as you give up your summer for the community band.  I enjoyed playing in it and hope to continue. Thank you for the time and hard work you put forth.  Marsha Cross, Slippery Rock, PA

"Mercer Borough Council wishes to extend its appreciation to you for the lovely programs you have produced for the Mercer Community Band. Our residents look forward to your concerts on summer evenings. Thank you for your tireless efforts in coordinating these concerts"   Diane Jackal, Secretary, Mercer Borough Council

"Congratulations on another fine performance this past Friday night in Mercer. Your special "Sounds of Summer" really entertains with quality music and light-hearted patter"      Dr. Alan Steinberg, Westminster College.

"During the summer, we all enjoy the concerts on the Courthouse Lawn. We particularly enjoy the various talents that you bring each week from throughout the county" 
Mrs. Robert Hosack, Mercer, PA

"I wanted to tell you and your staff what a wonderful time I had last evening. Everyone made me feel right at home. Thanks for everything that you did for me to make my performance in Mercer a memorable one."  Joe Kirkwood,  Erie, PA.

"Wow! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to sing with the Mercer Community band. I enjoyed myself so much! All my guests were very impressed with your ensemble's sound as well as your showmanship.  It was such a special evening"   Patty Jo Dresher, Slippery Rock, PA

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank and commend Hendley Hoge for a wonderful first concert on the courthouse lawn on June. Those who were in attendance were treated to a spectacular performance by the Mercer Community Band under Dr. Hoge's leadership"   Jeffrey Johns, Hermitage, PA

"On behalf of the residents of Countryside Convalescent Home I want to thank you and all the members and support staff of the Mercer Community Band for the wonderful entertainment you provided us on the evening of July 18th. We were treated very well by your staff and the music was excellent"    Phillip E.Tack, M.S.W., Social Worker

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