Mercer Community Band
"Best Free Entertainment on a Friday Night"
Mercer, Pennsylvania

Patriotic Concerts
July 4 & 6, 2003
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to weather conditions, the July 4th concert was moved to the Mercer High School Auditorium.  Also, for the same reasons, the Buhl Park concert was held at the Sharon High School Auditorium.  Poor lighting conditions at Mercer caused most of the digital images taken there to be unusable.  However, more pictures were taken at Sharon that were acceptable.  The soloists and featured artists were the same for both concerts.
July 4th Concert
Mercer High School Auditorium
July 6th Concert
Sharon High School Auditorium
The band played for over 800 people on a stormy 4th of July in Mercer
Mercer Community Band in concert - July 6, 2003 - Sharon High School Auditorium
Dixieland Band members, Sherry Nold, Rita Ferrere, Ken Jewell,
Todd Weller and Lee Caldwell presented Dixieland Jamboree
Trumpet soloist, William Pittman
entertained with Bride of the Waves
Rita Ferrere and John Gillespie joined
Mr. Pittman for A Bugler's Holiday
William Shutes delivered a patriotic
reading during Lest We Forget
Guest soprano soloist, Beth Malys, presented
"Richard Rodgers in Concert"
Master of Ceremonies,
Phil Wanchick
Miss Malys got the audience involved in the "Ultimate Patriotic Sing-s-long"
Miss Malys and the band received a standing ovation
for their presentation of Americal the Beautiful
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Musical Selection:  America, My Country Tis of Thee,
from the MCB "Victorian Concert 2000" CD.
Johnny Oakes
provided the warm-up entertainment for the Mercer concert